WordPress SEO Made easy by WordPress Development Company Faridabad

wordpress development company faridabadImproving traffic on your WordPress website is as important as designing it. Then end game of any business is to rank on the first page of any search engine. SEO is the best way to get the traffic on your website through organic searches. SEO or search engine optimisation is methods and tools used to get first-page ranking on search engine. SEO helps you to make online presence and visibility. Any WordPress design Company Faridabad makes sure any website designed by them is SEO friendly.

There are many ways by which you can improve your WordPress SEO in easy steps-

1.    SEO friendly theme

By default, WordPress is SEO friendly that’s why it is a major choice of people for blogging. A theme is very important for any website as it determines the site’s appearance. Picking a user-friendly theme is the crucial part because theme affects the speed of the website.

2.    Use SEO friendly plugins

In WordPress, there is a plugin for almost every function. Plugins are add-on software which when implemented on the website add new functions to it. Yoast SEO is the most popular plugin used by WordPress developers for SEO.

3.    SEO friendly URL

Permalinks are the permanent URL in WordPress. It is used to point your site’s individual web page and other content. This is what you see when you open any webpage and see it on the search bar. People use this reference to link back to your site. A descriptive permalink that is easier to interpret by a search engine and people alike. It also helps in better rankings on search engine.

Examples of SEO friendly URLs are:



Here you can check and update your WordPress site’s permalink structure.

4.    Add sitemaps

A sitemap is the list of pages and other content on your website. It is organised in a hierarchy. Sitemaps help the user to navigate through the site and communicate information to search engine bots.

An XML Sitemap is a specially formatted file that makes it easy for search engines to find and rank of your content.

5.    Keywords related content

Choose long-tailed and relevant keywords for your blog post or articles on the website for each page. Use these keywords various times (not too many times) like in the title, subheading and throughout the content. A lot of people for are searching for your keyword can find easily your website.

6.    Optimise image

Like content, images are also important for any website. But the problem with images is that it takes too long to load. Make sure that you use images that are fully optimized to load faster on the web server.

Final Thoughts-

For any WordPress developer making a WordPress site search engine friendly is very crucial task. A Web design Company Faridabad keeps SEO in mind before developing a website.

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